Dog Grooming Price List


New price list coming soon!

The Express groom consists of a wash with two shampoo’s, full blow dry, brush out of any knots/mats then finished off with a fragrance spray. A helpful service in between full grooms to freshen up your pet and help keep on top of knots and mats.

¬†Note – Prices stated above are a guide, the actual price will be dependent on your dog’s coat condition and the temperament of the dog. I advise regular brushing at home, especially for breeds with coats that require more maintenance.

I believe the comfort of your dog is a priority, therefore, if your dog arrives matted, I will provide a cut that is best for the dog!

Prices will vary depending on the extra time required to groom a dog that is matted. Please feel free to bring your dog along to the studio to meet me where I can give a more accurate quote.

De-Matting – Not included in our normal grooming prices. Further details can be found in the sub menu at the top of this page or by selecting the following link: