Small Animal Boarding


Here at Doggy Stylz Grooming Studio I understand that small pets can become just as much part of the family as any dog/cat or even human being for that matter. I understand the potential concerns and difficulties you face when you have to leave you much loved pet(s) behind, therefore, choosing the best boarding for your pet is essential for piece of mind.


So why choose us?

Here at Doggy Stylz Grooming Studio I want you to know that your pet(s) are:

  • Safe
  • Well cared for
  • Given time for play so that they are happy and content
  • Provided with nest boxes, a place to hide and rest

Places are kept to a minimum to ensure more quality time with your loved one.


All accommodation will be cleaned on a regular basis with bedding and hay provided for by us. It is a requirement however, for you to provide your pets normal dietary routine to ensure dietary continuity. Fresh fruit and vegetables can be provided if required free of charge.

Please feel free to bring along some of your pets toys to help them feel more at home.


Exercise can provide mental stimulation to relieve boredom and prevent your pet developing destructive habits. Here at Doggy Stylz Grooming Studio I have a number of toys, exercise wheels and pet runs available to help your pet get the physical activity they need to stay healthy.